Before The RailYard: The Roma

The original restaurant, The Roma, was opened in 1927 by the D'Amico family. It was sold in 1946 to the Grady family who operated The Roma as a family-style restaurant that emphasized an Italian cuisine for 56 years. The Roma enjoyed a long, rich tradition and was known for being "the place to be" for decades.

In 2002, The Roma was sold but operated under the same name under the ownership of Pat and Vicki Roche. The Roche's continued the tradition of The Roma until March 2012 when the business was sold to Dave and Roxanne Waters, who renamed the restaurant Lucia's. In March 2015, Lucia's was sold to David and Shelly Carpenter, who renamed the business Cook Street Station. The restaurant went out of business nine months later and laid dormant for the next two years.

In May 2018, the business was purchased by a group of five families, all of whom have ties to the Whitehall community. The five families renamed the establishment The RailYard Taproom & Restaurant and spent the next year completely remodeling the restaurant before opening for business in August 2019.